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The Bermuda Coffee Triangle in Indonesia

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Bermuda Coffee & Eatery is located in the province of Banten, near the border of Jakarta

And is distinguished by the simple geometric triangular shape that references the Bermuda brand name.

The triangle is a symbol of stability and balance in and of itself

But beyond its fundamental form are layers of complexity designed to generate

New angles of engagement for visitors on the sidewalk or in the street.

The triangular building is inclined 45 degrees sideways to the road, which creates

A different impression than seeing the building from the front.

According to Jakarta-based architect STUDIÉ, an additional overhang from the triangle’s high point allows for multiple interpretations. 카지노사이트

As for the material selection itself, we created a building whose construction process will be quick, will be easy to disassemble, and can also be reused

Because the area is leased,” the firm stated in a statement shared with DCN.

The inside has an industrial idea, with exposed bricks as the major walls and ceiling plywood exposed, as well as the roof iron frame as a visual element at the top.

The triangular building is further connected with a wide outdoor seating space and walkways,

Including the main entrance into the triangle’s center.

One side of the middle walkway is at a lower elevation, giving the impression of a “catwalk” or stage while allowing for dramatic selfies.

A tribune rises from the main surface on one side of the outdoor space, giving extra seating and views.

To add warmth, solid wood furniture and terrazzo flooring complement the glass and exposed brick.

The romantic ambiance is stronger when it rains, and raindrops decorate

The slanted glass on both sides of the structure, making the view a bit fuzzy and poetic. 카지노 블로그

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