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Home » The 22 Best Cafes in Manila for Coffee, Brunch, and Desserts

The 22 Best Cafes in Manila for Coffee, Brunch, and Desserts

The 22 Best Cafes in Manila for Coffee, Brunch, and Desserts

The 22 Best Cafes in Manila for Coffee, Brunch and Desserts. If you are a coffee lover and are planning a trip to the Philippines in the future, many locals will recommend going to Metro Manila. After all, the nation’s capital region has a thriving cafe scene. From trendy cafes to trendy variety shops, the best cafes in Manila will impress even the most discerning guests. But wait, what if you don’t like coffee? Don’t worry because there really is something for everyone. In addition to the third wave cafes, there are a number of cafes in Manila that cater to people who like cakes, desserts, milk tea, and more. So we’ve put together a list of the best cafes in Manila that you should drop by on your next visit. They all offer a cozy atmosphere, #aesthetic interiors and of course great menu offerings that will leave you wanting more!

Cafe in Metro Manila with interesting concepts

The Curator

Speakeasy is nothing new, but what about a specialty coffee shop by day and a cocktail bar by night? This is something you won’t find often. If The Curator sounds familiar, that’s because it has consistently been among Asia’s top 50 bars since 2016! You’ll find it in the back room of the Cyrano Wine Shop in Legaspi Village, Makati. However, if you prefer a space with more light, you can choose the outdoor area or go to the park across the street!

The Coffee Academics

Also in Legaspi Village is The Coffee Academics, a Hong Kong specialty coffee shop serving creative drinks made from locally roasted beans. The brand has received numerous awards since 2012, when it first appeared. Their cafe in Manila follows the same menu standard as their OG branch. Plus, it has a laid-back, rustic feel — accentuated by soothing shades of brown, tan and gray — making it a great hangout spot on any day. any week.

EDSA Beverage Design Group

Ask any Third Wave coffee lover in Metro Manila about EDSA Beverage Design Group, and they’ll likely tell you it’s one of the pioneers of specialty coffee here. You’ll find it in an unassuming building along the EDSA (yes, the frequently congested highway that locals have a love-hate relationship). So it’s definitely not like other cafes in Manila, usually located in malls or less noisy streets! This spacious complex houses a cafe-bar, a roasting lab and the brand’s headquarters.

Caravan Black

Located on the ground floor of a corporate building in Bonifacio Global City, you’ll likely find plenty of office workers drinking caffeine at Caravan Black. Its interior is “modern Art Deco with a touch of surrealism”. The best way I can explain this is:
it’s like a 16th century explorer, a jazz era fan and a patron of René Magritte, who decided to collaborate. Either way, this cafe in Manila gets its name from the caravans used to transport coffee beans across the continents centuries ago!

Three Squares Cafe + Bar at Design Story

Three Squares Cafe + Bar is located inside a Design Story gallery-like furniture store, which you’ll find at The Alley at Karrivin Plaza:
an arts center in a quieter area of ​​Makati. Every corner of this gallery-slash-café-slash-bar is completely Instagramable, so there’s no need to search for the right spot just to get the perfect shot! BTW – most of the nice items here are on sale; from mid-century tables and sleek Scandinavian chairs to chic lamps and vases. 

The Den

In Manila City’s historic Binondo district, there’s a distinctive cafe that doubles as an artists’ space:
The cave. Occasionally, it also hosts exhibitions, seminars and other events that focus on local contemporary culture. from music and visual arts to history-focused tours. Clearly, if there’s one cafe in Manila that fully embraces the city’s millennial creative spirit, it’s this one!

Oh, and it’s also in a nearly century-old Art Deco building along Escolta Street:
The old financial center of the country from the Spanish era until the 1950s. How cool is that? Today, the area is packed with independent shops and studios, most of which are run by enterprising creators.

Exchange Alley Coffee House

In the southern part of the Underground is the Exchange Alley Coffee House, named after a historic London street known for its centuries-old cafes and pubs. Affectionately nicknamed MUI by customers, it has become a crowd favorite in the Alabang district. Industrial interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows make it work-friendly, while the second floor functions as a roaster of locally sourced coffee beans.

Manila’s best cafe for brunch and cakes

Bake House

Bake House is a brilliantly designed cafe inside the glitzy Shangri-La at the Fort, but the dishes on its menu aren’t exactly as expensive as expected. The interior features rustic colors mixed with artistic and industrial decor elements. Like a setting in a romantic comedy, if you ask us! In a way, this compensates for the array of exquisite French pastries that line the counter; A perfect balance between the top of the range and a cozy welcome.

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Looking for the best cafes in Manila that serve both great food and drinks? Head to Wildflour Café + Bakery, considered by many locals to be the ultimate brunch spot! The food is quite pricey, but the (relatively) cheap but delicious coffee more than makes up for it. Their donuts are definitely a staple, if only for the fact that Wildflour introduced it to the local scene.

It has several locations, with slightly different concepts, around the metro. However, if you have to choose just one, we recommend their flagship store in Bonifacio Global City. It has an adjoining ice cream parlor where you can satisfy your sweet tooth after that hearty brunch!

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

Craving some delicious donuts to go with your cup of tea? Skip the usual Krispy Kreme and try our Poison Coffee & Donuts instead! Unlike most cafes in Manila that are brightly lit, this one looks like it came out of a sci-fi cartoon with neon lights and “threatening” signs. The donuts are a must, with unique flavors like garam masala and crème brlée!

You’ll find it in the burgeoning creative district that is The Alley at Karrivin Plaza. This former warehouse is also home to art galleries and shops that you can visit after your coffee + baked goods. 

Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate is known as one of Australia’s leading coffee chains. It’s no surprise, then, that its Philippine stores easily rank among the best in Manila. At the time of this writing, it has a total of 11 slots; some only serve coffee and cakes, while others also offer mouth-watering dishes! You’ll find most of it in shopping malls and business districts, but if you prefer something less crowded, head to one in Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati. It is located behind an event space and also plays a management role.


Unless you frequent the Temple Drive area of ​​Quezon City, chances are you won’t notice Apero. Although a bit underrated, this is clearly one of the best cafes in Manila with its aesthetic design and top-notch brunches. Admire the half-tropical, half-Art Deco interior while sipping on delicious toast, freshly baked pastries, large bowls of rice…or all of the above! Don’t forget to pair them with something from their extensive cafe menu.

Granville San Juan

Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Addition Hills, Granville San Juan is like a trendy co-working space that’s made aesthetic dreams millennial. This Manila cafe boasts a warmly lit interior that is spacious enough for a stadium-style common area and a wide selection of tables. Meanwhile, their outdoor space features garden lights that make the space especially pleasant at night.

Choose from a variety of third-wave coffees, hearty mains (think handmade pasta and rib eye) and luxurious desserts. Oh, and did we mention it’s pet-friendly too? Expect to meet the fur baby while you’re here. Or if you bring your own, you can even order them a special drink!

Ça Va Crêperie & Floral Atelier

French-inspired dishes and amazing flower arrangements? It’s easy to see why Ça Va Crêperie & Floral Atelier is one of the best coffee shops in Manila. Most of the flowers and plants you will see are also not the ordinary kind. So it’s almost like dining in a secret garden – which happens to be in the bustling Ortigas neighborhood.

Manila cafe with outdoor setting

Kandle Cafe

Looking for a cafe in the north for a change? Kandle Cafe is definitely the way to go! Along with gourmet food, specialty coffees and teas, it also has an outdoor space that is said to be the best of any cafe in Manila. After all, it’s tucked away in a (relatively) quiet area of ​​Quezon City. Their lush garden provides a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the metro, which is truly a rare find.

Oh, and they also have a butterfly pea flower nursery – picked fresh daily and added to a selection of drinks and food! So plant lovers:
you might want to add it to your bucket list.


Among the best cafes in Manila, Papakape remains a hidden gem. Nestled in a laid-back Makati neighborhood, its name derives from the Tagalog line, “papa-kape ako” (“I’ll treat everyone to coffee”). Main attraction? A cafe inside a conservatory that looks stunning no matter what time of day!

The completely outdoor dining room, with its lush greenery and blue walls, is the subtle highlight of Marrakech’s Majorelle Gardens. Combined with their unique list of ginger-infused coffees and teas, you’re sure to have a light time. 

Brewed specialty coffee

When we’re talking about a weekend getaway at a coffee shop, Brewed Specialty Coffee is definitely a good place to start. For one thing, it creates a relaxing seaside mood amidst the hustle and bustle of Pasig. Think earthy colors, tropical and cloudy accents and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light. Bonus points for the airy terrace where you can enjoy your craft drinks on a sunny day.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Want more beautiful, flowery places for your ‘Gram? Flossom Kitchen + Cafe in San Juan is one of the best cafes in Manila for that! As the name suggests, it’s filled with floral elements, making every nook and cranny noticeable (yes, even the ceiling). Just like the previous entry, it’s also perfect for an urban garden getaway. And, of course, it goes beyond aesthetics by adding edible flowers and/or floral designs to their drinks and dishes!

La Cathedral Cafe

Stepping into La Cathedral Cafe, you feel like you’ve been transported to one of the rooftop restaurants in Europe with views of nearby historic buildings. Located next to the famous Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, it has a unique view that makes it the ideal setting for casual gatherings and romantic dates. We recommend coming here at sunset, just in time to see the Capiz Lanterns light up and the sky turn vibrant colors.

The best dessert cafe in Manila

Kiss The Tiramisu

You may have heard of Kiss The Tiramisu before. After all, it’s a pretty popular dessert shop in Korea, but did you know there’s also one on Valero Street in Makati? Apparently, the main event is their tiramisu ice cream:
a perfect combination of basic Italian dessert and soft serve ice cream! It’s served in shmancy-like cups that match the store’s stylish interior. However, you can also try classic desserts, fruit teas, tiramisu flavored lattes and even a traditional Korean rice drink called sikhye 카지노사이트!

Flour Jar Manila

Admittedly, most dessert cafes in Manila and beyond tend to opt for cute decor. So, when we come across a boho-chic style, we can’t help but be curious. Just south of Las Piñas is Flour Jar Manila, which started out as a door-to-door pastry supplier to other metro cafes. It eventually became a neighborhood favorite bakery-café specializing in treats like cookies, cakes, ice cream, donuts, and even smoothie bowls!

Black Scoop Cafe

Take a look at the menu and you’ll understand why Black Scoop Cafe is one of the best cafes in Manila for lovers of milk tea and other cold desserts. A must-try is their milk tea-flavored soft serve ice cream, which actually has pearls on top. If you ask us, a great combination is made in dessert heaven. Always experimental and never boring, their unique drinks often incorporate nostalgic sweets like White Rabbit, Yakult and Ovaltine – take note, ’90s kids! Luckily, they have more than 20 stores in the metro, so there’s no reason not to add it to your list of Manila cafes.

It’s no secret that the Philippines is famous for its beaches and islands. most visitors go there and skip the visit to the Capital Region. However, these best cafes in Manila clearly show why you should stay for a while. Whether it’s for a caffeinated beverage or to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s really something for everyone.

On the other hand, if you’re a local and you’ve been to these cafes in Manila before, we’d love to know about your visits there!